Sheep wool pellet is a slow release nitrogen fertiliser that is perfectly suited to any type of substrate: horticulture, flowers, pot plants or extensive cultivation.

It can therefore be used indifferently at home, in domestic or vegetable gardens.

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A valuable ally for your domestic green


Do you love to decorate your spaces with freshness, transforming your home into a healthy, lush green environment? Would you like to keep your kitchen fresh and aromatic, the living room warm and cosy, the bedroom relaxing and oxygenated, and even more your balcony alive and full of colour, just to make your neighbours dying of envy?

100% sheep wool fertiliser pellets can be your valuable ally!

Thanks to its slow release nutrient-rich composition, it can provide your plants with protection and nourishment for about 5 months with just a small application.


A natural product for the health of your garden


Has growing a garden full of products always been your passion? Are you a perfectionist and does your vegetable garden have to be not only beautiful but also ethical? When you have guests, do you love to brag about your fresh, tasty salad and your juicy and zero-km tomatoes?


Make the right choice and use 100% natural sheep wool fertiliser pellets. With a minimal application you will improve the health of your vegetable garden, making the soil richer in nutrients, ventilated and able to retain more rain and irrigation water. In addition, you will support plant development and leaf colouration of your plants without having to use chemicals.

Pellet Agrivello


At AgriVello, research and experimentation are activities that never sleep! therefore, in the area of extensive cultivation, collaborative projects have been set up with several local farmers.


The adoption of sheep wool pellet fertiliser, which in terms of its impact on the chemical and physical characteristics of soils is capable of improving and enhancing their performance, must be supported by an effective insertion within the established and widespread agricultural production processes, which are currently mainly oriented towards the use of liquid and powder fertilisers.


This is the challenge that we are facing alongside farmers in the pursuit of sustainable and innovative solutions. Keep in touch and we will update you on future developments.


You probably don’t know, if you are not an insider, that the sheep wool industry is facing a very difficult time. Not all wool can be used for the textile industry, but only the finest wool from specific sheep breeds (e.g. Merinos). Most of the sheep bred in central Europe are animals selected for milk and meat production. Therefore, the quality of their fleece cannot meet the requirements of the textile market.


Furthermore, wool is considered, according to European legislation, a special waste on a par with industrial waste. For this reason, its disposal becomes extremely complex and costly. As a direct consequence, small and medium-sized farms are faced with a dramatic increase in operating costs.


Shearing is increasingly being offered by experienced foreign shearers (mainly from New Zealand) who, for logistical reasons, only provide this service to herds with a large number of animals, effectively disadvantaging small and medium-sized owners.


AgriVello therefore decided to tackle the problem from multiple perspectives and offer an innovative, sustainable and ecological solution that fully reflects the principles of the circular economy. Not only is the shearing service offered to local farmers, but also the collection of the wool. The transformation process ensures zero environmental impact and the end product is used by private individuals, farmers and owners themselves.


By choosing our fertiliser pellets, you can generate many benefits for yourself and positive externalities for the environment:


Enrichment of soil nutrients.

Ability to retain more irrigation water and rainwater.

Increased soil porosity and ventilation.

Prevention of soil acidification.


Extended nutrient uptake (up to 5 months after fertilisation).

Stimulation of chlorophyll formation, roots development, leaf colouration and fruit and flower production.

Increase of disease resistance and resilience to environmental stress.

Creation of healthy viable seed.

Decrease of the risk of blossom end rot.


Zero-impact disposal of special waste.

Reduced use of chemically synthesised fertilisers.

Reduced consumption of water and electricity used throughout the wool supply chain.

Recovery of raw materials according to circular economy and small-scale ethics.


Riduzione dei costi di smaltimento per gli allevatori.

Mantenimento della pratica della tosatura (garantendo il benessere degli animali), attività legata alla cultura delle civiltà.

Azzeramento degli scarti di lavorazione e trasformazione dei rifiuti.

Inclusione di persone fragili in alcune fasi del processo di produzione.

Creates healthy viable seeds
Increases seeds and fruits production
Stimulates chlorophyll and leaf colouration
Stimulates roots development
Extends soil nutrient uptake
Benefici delle piante
Circular Economy

Positive environmental, economic and social impact

It is not enough to do research and innovation for a circular economy to leave a positive imprint on our lives. Like in all environmental issues, the main need is to share and adopt common values within a conscious and informed society.

It is then your choice that makes the difference and generates a positive impact on multiple aspects, such as environmental, social and economic.


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